Vibilia Armata

  • Vibilia Armata

  • Vibilia Armata is a small hyperid pelagic amphipod that lives as a parasitoid in the body of the Salp, a primitive sea creature. The parasitoid is an obligate associate, eventually killing its host at the end of its development.
    Vibilia Armata can only reproduce and grow on Salps.
  • Vibilia Armata is the love story of Vibilia and Salpa, a dark tale of their ravenous desire to find a space in which their identity can unfold unchallenged by the other. Vibilia Armata is an investigation into the parasitic in emotional, social, and sexual relations.
    Salpa is the question of what nourishes & destroys us; Vibilia is the denial of an answer, Vibilia Armata is the manifestation of their embodied existence in all its ambivalence.
  • Vibilia Armata is a feature film in development.
  • Vibilia Armata is a parasite.
  • Vibilia Armata’s heartbeat are the radicalised desires of it’s androgynous protagonists, the wild and ravenous urge to find a space in which their identities can unfold unchallenged by the other, to live in the becoming in a metamorphosis and not in norms. But it is this desire, this very heartbeat, that sets a limit to their ability to survive.
  • CAST
  • Saga Becker

    VIBILIA   ·   Saga Becker

  • E

    ESTH   ·   E

  • E

    JESTER   ·   Alex Wissel

  • Written & directed by Fabian Altenried

    Script advisor Anne-Kathrin Heier

    Producers Sophie Ahrens, Leif Magne Tangen

    Executive-producer Samm Haillay

    Director of photography Smina Bluth

    Composer Victor Tricard

    Production Schuldenberg Films, Vitakuben, Third Films